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Don't Be Fooled by a Coke and a Smile!

I learned about an imposter using my name, Victor "Vino" Merritt on LinkedIn. For over 3 years, I had no idea that a fake Victor Merritt was posing as me. This fake person created a sophisticated scam to prey on very green artists. I am told the email the fake Victor uses is ( This fake person used my music catalog, easily searchable online, added fake facts, and fooled people into believing that he was me - a Grammy nominated producer. How? Part 2 is coming soon. In the meantime, Don't be fooled by a smile, charming voice, a friendly persona, and an offer to help.

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Ray Fry
Ray Fry
Sep 04, 2021

The fake Vino connected with me on Linkedin and now that he is no longer on Linkedin another Victor Merit has popped up on Linkedin as THE REAL VICTOR MERIT. Can you confirm whether he is the real Victor or just another fake person impersonating you?

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